“Every system is perfectly designed 
to get the results it gets.”

– W. Edwards Deming

This interactive course will introduce you to:

  • Understanding of what Lean methods are about
  • Awareness of how you can use the Lean approach to simplify your ISO management system documents
  • Learning how to identify wastes in procedures and how to eliminate them
  • Practicing on making procedures Lean (participants procedures or instructors’ samples)
  • Learning how to use Lean-O-Meter to test your procedures for Lean
  • An idea of what it cost to transition to Lean management system procedures

The course materials include:

  • Course slides
  • A link to our Lean ISO Procedures Jump-Start Kit (some $200 worth)
  • A link to The Lean Revolution eBook download
  • Copies of course exercise documents:
  • Procedure Template 01
  • Sample Handling 1 original
  • Sample Handling 2 top
  • Sample Handling 3 top Lean

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The agenda
  • Objectives
  • Cost of Non-Lean Documentation Video
  • Waste in procedures – the blacklist
  • Waste in procedures – twenty-plus burdens explained
  • Material Handling Procedure exercise
  • Break and quiz
  • Document Template example
  • Quality of writing exercise
  • The Three-B Rule
  • Recent success stories
  • Procedure validation case study
  • Training Procedure exercise (as time allows)
  • Lean-O-Meter explained
  • The cost of transition to Lean documentation overview
  • Case study: Injection Molding Shop, Phase I
  • Questions and the wrap-up