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ISO Management Systems: The Lean Revolution
ISO Management System: The Lean Revolution

ISO Management Systems: The Lean Revolution – Harness the power of Lean to innovate your ISO management system.

 In this book, you will discover:

  • How Lean methods improve ISO management systems,
  • Wastes that clutter and burden procedures,
  • Two effortless tools to kill wastes in documents,
  • How to use the Lean-O-Meter to measure progress in your Lean project,
  • Twelve examples of Lean processes,
  • Dozens of templates of Lean procedures and records.

The results of three case studies in the book prove that Lean approaches work for ISO management systems. Folks with no prior experience in the field improved their systems beyond expectations.

And as the cherry on the cake, the book gives you a link to the complimentary download of the Lean Jump-Start Kit.

The book is available from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats. Give it a try!

Look inside is available on amazon. If you wish to preview figures and illustrations, download them here.

Document Templates

Lean ISO Procedures Jump-Start Kit

Lean ISO Procedures Jump-Start Kit
Editable Microsoft Excel and Word files include a one-hour phone walkthrough.


Process Interaction Matrix Template

Process Interaction Matrix Template
MS Excel, editable file, includes one-hour phone walkthrough.


Context Matrix Template

Context Matrix Template
MS Excel, editable file, includes one-hour on-line walkthrough.



Lean ISO Management Consulting Services

Our consulting services will help you with:

  • Procedures Gap Assessment
  • Management System Gap Assessment
  • Transition to Lean Management System
  • Lean ISO Management System Implementation
  • Lean Integrated Management Systems.


Lean ISO Management Auditing Services

Pre-certification, Internal and Supplier audits

The undeniable benefit of an outsourced management system audit is the quality of the audit itself and the audit report. We provide outsourced pre-certification, Internal and Supplier audits against requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 standards.


Lean ISO Management Training

“Success in management requires learning as fast as world is changing”

-Warren Bennis