Jump-Start Kit

Lean Procedures Jump-Start Kit

This set of editable Microsoft files will help you get started on and monitor the progress of your project to make your management system Lean and efficient.

  1. The Project Plan: this is an editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all the bells and whistles of the Gantt chart. The Lean ISO Procedures Project Plan will help you to strategize your venture and track your progress. The template also allows tracking internal and consultant’s time and costs. There are countless project management software solutions on the market today, but most of them are not economical for small and medium size businesses. Our clients successfully used this Project Plan template for years for implementation of management systems.

    Download the Project Plan [PDF]

  2. Lean-O-Meter: editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template allows you to identify how Lean your procedures are. Using the tool, you will be able to document your progress in making your management system Lean and efficient from the starting point through the stages of your project.

    Download Lean-O-Meter [PDF]

  3. And this is not all! Lean-O-Meter may be used for virtually any process you are making Lean. “Select” cells, with some programming, may be changed to be gradual or numerical; for example:

    • Motion (distance in the area traveled by employees): 100 m; 75 m; etc.
    • Defects: 3%; 2%; 1%; etc.
    • Equipment downtime: 2%; 1%; 0.5%; etc.
    • Inventory level: $500,000; $400,000; $300,000; etc.
    • Poor automation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    • And others …
  4. Procedure Template: this editable Microsoft Word file will save you a lot of time for creating new documents. This format ensures that your procedures are free of numerous waste categories listed in the Lean-O-Meter. It also ensures that your documents are of a consistent appearance.

    Download Procedure Template [PDF]

  5. Document Change Record: this editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be used as stand-alone or incorporated into your Document Change Record. It ensures that remaining waste categories are detected and eliminated. The Record also confirms that your new and revised procedures are validated to eliminate or reduce possible mistakes.

    Download Document Change Record [PDF]

  6. Template Forms: these editable Microsoft Excel templates will help you save time on creating new records, logs or lists. They also will keep your forms in consistent formats.

    Download Template Form, Portrait [PDF]

    Download Template Form, Landscape [PDF]

  7. Lean Business Manual: no ISO management system standard requires a stand-alone quality or business manual. Despite this fact, most of the companies continue updating their ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 old manuals to the new revisions of the standards. This example of a three-page business manual shows how Lean approach can simplify one of the heaviest documents in management systems: quality or business manual.

    Download Business Manual [PDF]

Order your set to make the first step on your journey to the system with Lean Procedures. Remember, this Kit comes with one-hour telephone walkthrough to get you started.

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