Gap Assessment – Procedures

Gap Assessment — Procedures

If you are curious about how Lean approaches can simplify your management system, try our complimentary and confidential Gap Assessment offer. The process is simple:

  • Pick up from your system one or two procedures in Microsoft Word format that you wish us to review;
  • If present in the documents, replace your company name and company logo with [Co. name] and [Co. logo], if you wish;
  • Contact us through the form below;
  • We will provide you with an e-mail address for review;
  • Send us your documents;
  • We will return your documents and offer you our comments and recommendations similar to this example;
  • We also will provide you with a sample procedure that we recommend as a replacement;
  • As a summary, we will mail you your Lean-O-Meter score.
  • Do not forget: this is complimentary, no questions asked, service. Give it a try, send us an e-mail below!